Audio doorphones

COMMAX FINE VIEW Video Phone is basic product family of access control system, to which exclusive imaging technology of COMMAX delivering vivid picture quality, has been applied. It is considered as one of most extraordinary products in terms of quality, design, and economy in global market, as well as in domestic market.

COMMAX door phone, which had been developed for the first time in Korea and brought innovation in the living with automatic opening/closing function, became a foundation allowing today’s home automation products could appear. It is the most fundamental product family in COMMAX history that enhances value of users by means of refined design, as well as high quality voice communication.

PI 10LN, Audio communication device (Master)8563
120.42 €
99.52 € excl. vat
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DR DW2N,Door Unit For TP-6RC / TP-12RC8564
13.67 €
11.30 € excl. vat
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CM 800S, Communication device ( CM810 )8195
11.91 €
9.84 € excl. vat
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DR 2PN, Audio doorphone board6940
- 0%
20.57 €
17 € excl. vat
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DP 2S, Audio doorphone handset (DP 2HP,DP 20H)6584
26.62 €
22 € excl. vat
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PI 20LN, Audio communication device (Master)3530
172.64 €
142.68 € excl. vat
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